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Our Story

Hi Everyone!

My name is Jessica Petit, proud Owner of Mama LIFE Oils & Wellness. Thank you for visiting my site! Here's a little about me and my family: In 2016, my daughter was born and we discovered she has a genetic mutation where she has difficulty processing toxins, which can cause health issues down the road. Come to find out she got it from me, so we both have it. As a first time mom, I panicked! What can I do?! That's when I learned more about essential oils and natural solutions. I use my oils daily and swear by them!  All of the products I make are made with organic ingredients. I also have a certified, residential kitchen where I make the best Elderberry Syrup around! If you haven't tried it, you need to! It's been a wonderful learning experience and so amazing how we can treat our homes and selves with plant-based products. As part of my holistic lifestyle, I thoroughly enjoy working out and by "trade" I am a  Licensed Mental Health Counselor, specializing in Maternal Mental Health. I am certified in Pre/Postnatal Fitness and incorporate therapy into workout sessions. I hope you enjoy my products and services and welcome you to a more holistic lifestyle. 

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